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Appointment scheduling software for your business

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Make the most of your time

Full Slate is the easiest way to fill your appointment book and take the stress out of scheduling. While you focus on providing great service, Full Slate works in the background to fill up your schedule and keep customers coming.

Accept appointments online

Book more appointments with online scheduling

Full Slate helps you book more business by accepting appointments where your clients and prospects already are: online – including your website or free booking page, Facebook and email. With an online scheduler, you can turn clicks into confirmed appointments even when you can't answer the phone or after business hours. No more phone tag, and your clients will love the convenience of online booking.

Reduce No-shows

Reduce No-shows

Your time is valuable. Make sure clients show up for scheduled appointments by automatically sending email reminders and text reminders. You also have the option to require clients put a credit card on file, make a deposit or pay in full during online scheduling. Full Slate already integrates with several popular payment solutions so everything is secure, and we don't tack on any extra transaction fees.

Keep in touch

Keep in touch with your clients with effortless email marketing

Full Slate can automatically send personalized emails on your behalf that drive repeat business, reviews and referrals. You can send a thank-you after each appointment, reach out on birthdays, prompt clients who are due for a visit, and set up other automated messages. The message body and subject line are completely customizable, and you can add link to make an appointment or to buy a gift certificate to any email marketing.

Scheduling software that does it all

  • Online Scheduler

    Let clients book online on your website, Facebook, or Free Full Slate booking page

  • Email Reminders & Text Reminders

    Automatically remind clients about appointments by email and text messages

  • Credit Card Payments

    Option to collect credit card number, deposit or full payment to secure online booking

  • Calendar Sync

    Real-time sync to your preferred calendar for up-to-date availability

  • Customer Relationship Management

    Keep track of client info, appointment history and email correspondence in one place

  • Recurring Appointments

    Set up repeating appointments and easily make exceptions when necessary

  • Class Scheduling

    Let multiple clients sign up for the same slot until you reach maximum capacity

  • Double Booking

    Fit in another client by double-booking downtime during long services

  • Multiple Locations

    Coordinate work at multiple locations with separate or shared business hours and staff

  • Client Reviews

    Automatically collect feedback with option to publish ratings and reviews

  • Gift Certificates + Packages

    Sell certificates and prepaid packages ($5/month charge)

  • iOS/Android Optimized

    Fully optimized for cell phones and tablets and designed to be touch-screen friendly

Trusted by thousands of small businesses.

  • QuickBooks Sync

    Bookkeeping's new best friend

    Ever wish your scheduling software and accounting software talked to each other? Now they do – never manually double-enter data again

  • Checkout

    Collect payment for services rendered

    Seamlessly record payments from appointments within Full Slate and your transactions automatically sync to QuickBooks Online

Get unlimited appointments for a flat fee

Just You

$29.95 per month

Just You

$329 .45 per year

Up to 5 Staff

$49 .95 per month

Up to 5 Staff

$549 .45 per year

Up to 10 Staff

$79 .95 per month

Up to 10 Staff

$879 .45 per year

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